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AutoCad Since it was released, is a referency when talking about computer graphics. We use it on all kinds of Project, like: inside and outside arrangements, furnitures, carpentry, architectural, hydraulic, eletric, constructive graphics in scale 1:1, criation of components using aluminum and all the projects that its necessary for the execution of a boat construction.

MultSurf is a program used to develop hoofs with their respective calculus and coefficient. It helps on a hydrodynamic with excelent quality, creating perfect surfaces and cross sections of the vessel.

Rhinoceuros is a program used for 3D construction and simulations, giving a preview of the construction of the real boat. We simulate all the procedure of the real composition, avoiding mistakes and waste of time. All this process gives an excelent result on the real vessel.

Rhino Manine is a program used to develop the hoof, make the hydrodynamic calculus and 3D contruction, giving plenty of possibilities to develop a perfect hoof.

3D Max is a program used to complement and give a virtual reality to the projects made in another program making easier for the customer to visualize the options of colors and complements.

Corel Draw is a program used to artistcs designs providing a better visualization for the customers, so that they can make a lot of changes on the textures, colors and complements in a very short time and with a excellent result.

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